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Company News >> Hong Kong media: 500 new anti-riot armour purchased by the Hong Kong police force from the mainland arrived (photo)

 According to "sing tao daily" reported that the recent continuous conflict cause great loss to the Hong Kong police riot armor, with protesters use weapons more and more lethal, to protect personal safety frontline officers, the Hong Kong police force has been ordered from the mainland of lighter and more flexible riot armor, protection officers sharply against the attack of knife stick even bullets.

According to the report, the anti-riot armour, which costs about hk $5,000 per set, consists of front, back, upper limbs (shoulder, elbow and arm), lower limbs (thigh, knee, calf and foot) and gloves.The characteristics of the new armor is the combination of anti-riot armor and body armor, set stable-proof, impact resistance, flame retardant, bulletproof and other functions in one, can effectively protect the whole body, the materials used in the equipment non-toxic, no natural harm to the human body;The total weight is 7.93kg, which is lighter than the original armor, effectively improving the defense and speed of the riot police.The first 500 sets of armour arrived in Hong Kong yesterday and were distributed to the stormtroopers from three regions.


The promotional video shows the model wearing the new armor, which can withstand the attacker's knife and stick attack.Chest protector and back support equipment by the riot, flame retardant, bulletproof composite layer layer and buffer layer, riot of layer adopts Gao Ren material, can resist 42 joule puncture, bear 168 joule shock and 100 joules, flame retardant composite layer by a variety of materials, flame retardant ability is good, bulletproof layer can withstand more lead bullets fired by general pistol, other parts of the body's protective equipment also has similar bulletproof functions, as for the buffer layer, as the name implies, a buffer and absorb the impact function, and increase wearing comfort.



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