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Company News >> Police version of "tie fairy rope" has been released

 As we all know, the police always face danger and challenge in the process of catching suspects.At present, in the process of law enforcement by the police, the cases of violent resistance to the law are also common. In the process of arrest by the police, a large number of casualties inevitably occur.This is not only with lawless personnel nefarious resistance, but also with the law enforcement police equipment can not keep up with.


How to maximize the protection of the law enforcers' own personal safety during the arrest of suspects, successfully complete the arrest task, and at the same time minimize the degree of personal injury to the arrested object is a practical problem that police circles around the world pay close attention to.


Recently, the network spread the United States sheriff invented a new arrest tool!It is reported that once this weapon is launched, it can quickly launch a rope, quickly wound around the object, hinder its action, complete the capture, become a true name tied fairy rope!It is understood that its effective range is 3 ~ 7m!!

Bundle fairy launcher

At present, the police arrest equipment issued in China is mainly the police arrest device (commonly known as anti-riot net or net gun).Police capture device by the net cylinder (including the net, traction head), connection chamber, projectile (nail projectile or empty shell), launcher, etc.But this kind of equipment basically eats ash in each unit warehouse, because net gun practical value is very low.The main reason is that the system structure is complex, there is open network slow tension not open network.Combined with the speed and direction of the target, the probability of successfully catching people is very small.Net gun is also easy to be affected by the surrounding environment and user experience in many ways.After launch, the wind is strong, go empty;After launch, meet obstacles and clear;Bad aim, clear.


Compared with the traditional net gun, this new capture tool "tie fairy rope" is more convenient and quick, and the capture is more secret, more flexible and convenient to operate, and the influence of external environment is negligible.

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